Our Story

About the Owner

As a child, I baked brownies, cookies and cakes with my mother and grandmother and of course I enjoyed licking the spoon and bowl. Fast forward 20 years later I realized that I wanted to start a business but wasn't sure what to do, so I tapped into her roots and starting doing what I know best...bake! So where did Kaliewinkle come from? “Kalie” is from the first part of the word kaleidoscope to express how colorful the brownies are. “Winkle” is from the word twinkle to express how they shine in the spotlight. 

How do you say it?


Why cows?

Growing up across a cow farm, I always wanted a baby cow that I was going to name Nippy. Unfortunately that dream never came true so this is the second best thing, my tribute to Nippy is to brand the bakery with the face of Nippy and his friends.


Kaliewinkle Bakery's Mission

Food Positivity

Here at Kaliewinkle Bakery, I am breaking the stigma that desserts are guilty pleasures. You shouldn’t have to feel guilty about eating food that makes you happy. Desserts are meant to be enjoyed, so here’s to enjoying every bite of life.

Happy Eating Starts Here.


I know that in this day and age we have to take care of our planet. So, Kaliewinkle Bakery makes an effort to do just that. My delivery/ shipping boxes are recyclable. My packaging tape is made from kraft paper even my sticker labels are made from recycled material. So you can be sure to feel good about what your eating along with the packaging your brownies arrived in.


I wanted to bring simple baked goods to people that reminded them of baking treats at home with their family. So rather than making a giant list of bakery items I finally narrowed my bakery down to three simple treats, brownies, cookies and brookies. Simple things are sometimes the best things. So cheers to simplicity.